1. Speck work

    Speck Work do clients really understand why speck Work harms their business as well as harming the designer producing it. Is there a way to educate and advise clients on how to find the perfect design match.

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  2. HTML5 responsive development

    I was involved in helping South Lanarkshire National Entitlement Card develop a new fully responsive website. The Scottish Government, Young Scot, local councils and other organisations have worked together

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  3. Ipad issues grocery shopping online with ASDA

    My experience is usually good when i do my weekly online grocery shop with ASDA. They have a simple layout that is easy to navigate and clear call to actions.

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  4. Responsive Design within local government

    Local government websites have came a long way since the dark old days of the poorly managed do it yourself table based layouts of the late 90’s. Now most sites are backed by web

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  5. Design the luxury item

    Times are hard, businesses are going under left right and centre. For the lucky few still in business money is tight and most of them are looking to cut the fat and tighten their financial belts just to stay in the game.

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  6. Do your webpages need W3C Validation?

    One question that seems to arise time and time again from clients is code validation. Most seem to have the understanding that if you have errors on a webpage, the HTML code is bad.