Local government websites have came a long way since the dark old days of the poorly managed do it yourself table based layouts of the late 90’s. Now most sites are backed by web professionals and are running great content management systems that help produce some nice results.

I was recently involved in helping South Lanarkshire Council take their reasonably well designed fixed width website which was optimised only for the desktop and make the site adapt and respond to the many different devices that their users are now entering the site on.

Here is a brief outline of how it was built

Delivering a truly device independent website experience, an outline of the raw materials that we used

  • A flexible, grid-based layout,
  • Flexible images and media,
  • Valid HTML 5 and CSS
  • Media queries

The sizes of devices that had to be considered –

320 x 480 For small screen devices, like phones, held in landscape mode and Ten-inch tablets like the iPad (768×1024) held in portrait mode.

1024 x 768 (iPad – Landscape) and desktop

Wide screen (1200 pixels) For widescreen displays

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