My experience is usually good when i do my weekly online grocery shop with ASDA. They have a simple layout that is easy to navigate and clear call to actions.

I normal use my Ipad for this type of thing, it means i can relax on the couch and take my time selecting all the nice things I want to eat. This week however I ran into some real issues, everything was going smoothly until my son closed the browser on the Ipad. This should have been a small irritation that would be easily fixed by simply opening the browser back up again. The first thing i noticed once the browser had loaded was that I had been logged out of my shopping session, I thought ok seems fine good security and all of that i will simply log back in and get going, this is where things became problematic.

Ipad in landscape view

Ipad in portrait view

The first issue that i had was in landscape view i could not see what i was inputting into the login field, i managed to resolve this by changing to portrait view. I continued to input my email address then the second issue arouse, how do i enter my password? there was no way that i could see to tab to the next input field. After a few minutes of scratching my head i came to the conclusion that once i hit go it will ask for the missing password so i hit go and the error screen did appear “Sorry we did not recognise the details you entered! Please check and try again.” but it had removed my email address and was still looking for the two fields both user name and password.

After 4 or 5 times round this loop I abandoned my shopping with frustration levels very high. I do understand that no online experience will ever be 100% perfect but this does flag up the importance of testing all functionality on all devices and also making sure there is continued testing as things are always changing.

Come on ASDA development team sort it out and bring my Sunday shopping experience back to a joyful and relaxed one.

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