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During the summer months of July and August we come together as one congregation at 10.30am. This patterns is very familiar to us and is the pattern we will adopt this years as we have many years previously. However, come September this year we will not be resuming the pattern of two services at 9.30am and 11am.

Over the last few years times of Sunday services has been discussed on several occasions at the Kirk Session. Most recently it was discussed in September of 2016 following the good atmosphere we enjoyed in church during the summer and was discussed again at the Kirk Session meeting on Monday 12th June as we approach summer services. The Kirk Session took the time to look at all aspects of remaining with two morning services or moving to one service. Everything from energy costs to work load on the Organist and Church officer, the times and spaces we need for fellowship, baptisms and guest speakers, the impact on attendance, transport needs and just about anything else you care to mention was given consideration. Ultimately the Kirk Session, aware that numbers attending church is the biggest concern made what it believes to be the right and only decision that could be made; that come September we continue with only one morning service at 10.30am. The pattern of summer services leads us smoothly into the new pattern.

When our current building opened for worship in 1993 attendances required that two services be held as number simply could not be accommodated all at one time. This is no longer the case as we have around 120 people attending on Sunday mornings, which at best half fills the seating capacity in the sanctuary. 120 attending is still a strong congregation by today’s standards but dividing that across two services now serves only to weaken our position.

The Kirk Session understands that some members will find this change disappointing as it will require an adjustment to personal routines on Sunday mornings. To make this change in church life work we are all having to accommodate of a changed pattern and hope that you will find it in your heart to be as supportive as you have always been of your church.

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