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Join us in prayers for Barcelona, Cambrils and all whose lives are touched by terrorist attacks

Father God, forgive us if our sense of shock diminishes each time fresh news comes to us of a terror attack. That which at one time left us incredulous has now become the expected. A car, a van, a lorry used utterly indiscriminately to kill and maim.  Lord God, while maybe the sense of horror has diminished for us it has not diminished for those who have lost loved ones where lives have been pointlessly taken away, or are left with the scars in body, mind and spirit. We pray for them that they might find strength from within to overcome, to regain the normality of their lives, to find forgiveness in their hearts rather than be eaten up with hatred and thoughts of revenge. We pray for those who seek to destroy, whose actions are beyond reason and beyond comprehension. Lord in the stillness we pray to you…

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