Loaves and Fishes – Collecting NOW!

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Westwood Church is now collecting for Loaves and Fishes!

In the Harvest Thanksgiving season tinned produce donated through the church will be distributed to those in genuine need through the work of local charity Loaves and Fishes

We can accept almost any kind of tinned produce that helps to make a meal pretty much straight from the tin.  Why not check your kitchen for those tins that hide at the back of the cupboard for too long.  So long as they are still in date we can accept them.

Next time you are down at Aldi’s or Lidl, why not drop a few more tins in your basket and pass them on to us.  Your thoughtfulness will be a real and practical support to those who are struggling.  There’s every chance you’ll feel good inside when you take a moment to think of others.

There is another way you can help the work that Loaves and Fishes undertake… gents take a look through your wardrobe – do you have shirts and ties that you no longer wear?  Please bring them in as a Harvest Gift.  Being dressed in shirt and tie helps some of the men Loaves and Fishes support feel a little more dignified.  It’s one of those small things that makes a big difference to someone’s well being.

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