Flower Arranging

  • 19:30
  • Westwood Parish CHruch, Belmont Drive, East Kilbride

Ladies Fellowship Meeting

So.  Your man gets you some flowers and you think “Ok, what have you done wrong now?” And once he has explained that he simply loves you to bits and hasn’t done anything wrong this time you wonder what to do with the flowers other than beat him about the head with them.  You could just stick them in a vase OR you could come along to the October meeting of the Ladies Fellowship and learn how to get the best out of them through a little bit of careful flower arranging.  It’s what makes for happy relationships. The Ladies Fellowship October meeting will show you how

Women who wish to attend are made most welcome.  Membership is not required in order to attend, but a neglectful and humble man in your life may be a good place to start.  All are made welcome.